well-tailored dotfiles for macOS & NixOS

1 Installation

✂️ Tailored Install:

sh -c "`curl -fsSL https://dotfiles.codearsonist.com/install.sh`" -s tailored

🔋 Full install:

sh -c "`curl -fsSL https://dotfiles.codearsonist.com/install.sh`"

2 Requirements

Depending on your flavour of installation you'll need at least (see: Usage)

  • make
  • curl

3 Usage

git clone [email protected]:peel/dotfiles.git && cd dotfiles && make
  • default (install) - install everything - dotfiles, homebrew and packages (incl. desktop apps on macOS)
  • minimal - install dotfiles and homebrew package manager only
  • nix-build - sets up nix environment
  • nix - installs using Nix package manager, on osx installs GUI apps with homebrew
  • clean - remove configured links (requires stow)
  • link - link dotfiles (requires stow)

4 Sources

See peel/dotfiles at Github Sorry, your browser does not support SVG.

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5 License

Distributed in the hope to be useful under CC0 1.0 Universal

Author: Piotr Limanowski